October 23, 2017

Radio for Drones WP

Radio for Drones
The world is not limited to Wi-Fi  for flying drones v.1


There are many smaller worlds within the enormous world of flying drones. And there are many ways to fly, use and control drones. The commercial drone market has been pushed to working in the popular, but unreliable, Wi-Fi. Similarly, the consumer drone mass-market is also preparing its way to using the cellular mobile networks, for the same reason – reaching the mass market. Such mass markets are already so big, that their convergence to the commercial and toy drone market is inevitable, for such drone makers and sellers. But flying drones can be something more serious. And can get serious, with the real risk of important accidents. If we look into other more technical drone markets, like professional drones or even racing drones, then we see that radio signals between the drone and its pilot do occupy other bands. There are good reasons for such. It is important for the drone end-user, and for those that benefit from drone inspection and surveying, to know what parts of the radio spectrum can be used in drones and why. A determining factor is regulation. The other is reliability. And if we are reaching the global professional drone market with our REVOsdr data link, for its reliability and flexibility, we need to have it ready for several spectrum uses.

Industry Knowledge White Paper, 2017
This is a “Blue Dot White Paper”, about the general view on the industry, not technical, with the purpose of informing drone end-users, beneficiaries of professional drone inspections and surveying, and the general public

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