TWEVO gets European H2020 SME Instrument funding

TWEVO ranked Top 5 among more than 650 applications from across Europe.
“It’s the Champions League of companies,” said Dr. Bernd Reichert, head of SMEs in Horizon 2020 unit.
Competition is tough – after careful scrutiny by panels of international technology, business, and finance experts, only the most compelling and excellent proposals are funded.
The SME Instrument is part of the European Innovation Council (EIC), which supports entrepreneurs, small businesses and scientists with funding opportunities and acceleration services. The main focus of the EIC program is the radical and creative innovations that improve international productivity and competitiveness, create new jobs and lead to high standards of living. In this context, SME Instrument selects the most innovative and disruptive SME projects from across Europe, with a high potential to create new markets, or to revolutionize existing ones, and to boost economic growth.
With this funding, TWEVO will introduce REVOsdr to the European market and assess its market fit.