Connecting Unmanned Vehicles

Programmable Data Links


We use Software Defined Radio (SDR) a new paradigm to built flexible, scalable, and portable wireless communication systems.


We provide solutions based on Software Configurable Radio (SCR), setting the communication system according to regulations and standards on the fly.


Our technology provides Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) capacity over the air in a two directional link.


Equipped with state-of-the-art signal processing our technology supports communication between vehicles moving at high speed.

What We Do

High Speed Wireless Data Link

How fast do you need to receive the remote video feedback to control a robot, drone or autonomous vehicle? - That's few milliseconds! Commercial applications for remotely controlled vehicles are growing very fast and need to exchange large volumes of data for real-time decision making. TWEVO has developed a technology that transmits hundreds of Mega bits per second over a bidirectional wireless data link with zero delay.

Our Team

Carlos Ribeiro

Chief Executive Officer

Eduardo Castañeda

Chief Operations Officer

João Gil

Chief Product Officer

Vasco Gouveia

Business Development Manager

Luís Nogueira

Management & Financial Advisor

Catarina Moreira

Marketing Advisor

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